What would you trade for a lifetime of wisdom? For young Christos a curiosity and the gift of youth would help build his foundation of wisdom.


In the small Greek village of Katouna, young Christos was tasked with helping an elderly neighbor in winemaking and was soon enamored by the artistry and chemistry involved. Known more as a listener but always eager to learn, this made Christos the ideal apprentice. Little did Christos know at the time that some 30 years later he would have a winery of his own and would take the role as mentor to his son, Nikos, who just like his father, took an interest in winemaking.


After another occurrence of collaboration with neighbors, this time in the United States, with Christos' neighbor Mike, who would go on to become a founder partner in KOG Hill Winery in 2002. Mike is an upstate New York native from a region that is no stranger to great wines. The two bonded over their love for wine and collaborated on many home winemaking projects. After tasting one particular collaborated bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon the King Of Grapes was born when Mike exclaimed,


“We have to share this with people.”


The King of Grapes (KOG) lives on. Today, KOG Hill Winery produces over 25 wines. These include reds, whites, fruits and a dessert wine. Due to the weather of the region in which KOG Hill Winery is located being a little too unfavorable for growing grapes, KOG Hill sources the grapes for their wines from parts of Lake Erie, Northern New York and regions of Northern California. All of the wines are made on site however, and the fruit for our fruit wines like our Spiced Apple Harvest are from local orchards and farms.


From our oak-aged Chardonnays to our perfect-for-Sangria Twin Valley Red and with no added colors or flavors and several medals to their names, KOG Hill’s wines are sure to please a variety of palettes. So come out for one of our many pairing events sponsored by the Berks Wine Trail or just enjoy a glass of wine on our patio, either way we look forward to sharing our wines with you.